Waevio is creating Reasoning Graph at its full scale, of hundreds of billions of edges and nodes to take AI to the next level of true reasoning.

Reasoning is at the very core of all intelligence. Our civilization has built up a huge treasure of knowledge  in all kinds of activities, not just science and technology. All of our thinking revolves around reasoning, in science, economy, finance, technology, history, law, politics, sports, entertainment, cooking, crafts, hobbies, and on and on. In addition, reasoning is also universal across all languages.


This immense graph encapsulates all of our knowledge and experience and is key for getting AI to the next level and beyond. For even the smartest genius does not exist and work in isolation, as Isaac Newton famously said – “Even if I was able to see farther than the others, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants”.

The time has come to start harvesting and leveraging this tremendous power all round us.